Florin Dobre launching – “Follow the White Rabbit” Fashion Collection, autumn/winter 2014-2015

On Thursday, January the 9th, 2014, at 07.00 p.m, Florin Dobre, artist and fashion designer will present for the first time in London the autumn/winter 2014/2015 ‘Follow the white rabbit’ Fashion Collection, during the Men’s Fashion Week hosted by the Red Gallery, well known for promoting and launching authentic new-coming artists.

The curators are keen to promote Florin Dobre’s fusion art concepts as a result of their active involvement in the international avant-garde art circuit, organizing exhibitions, performances, film screenings and live concerts.

After “Panta Rhei” this summer in Paris, the vision of the “Follow the White Rabbit” collection maintains Florin Dobre’s belief in life’s fundamental values and existing in-truth, by bringing a spiritual aspect to our journey as individuals within a materialistic world, that responds only to external aggressive stimulus, “we’ve come so far apart from the essence, that truth is farther away from us. Let us not forget the basic values and keep what is truly important and counts”.

This Collection brings in a totally novel way the transposition of the artist’s vision by maintaining a supreme uniformity for all outfits and cutting horizontally the silhouette, especially in order to show this breach between the spiritual and material world. At the same time, another novelty element is represented by the inversion of the associative classical semiotic – the upper part of the body – spirit, and the lower part – matter. Thus, the upper part of the material-outfit has a rigid construction with clinical metal grey clean cuts while the spiritual, idealistic, dreamy and fantasist lower part reflects freedom, games and ides through the images painted on the pants, warm hues of the shoes and the true values’ organic roots.

The entire concept’s expressions is compositionally transposed though the clash of textures, colors and fabric.

For “Follow the White Rabbit” collection, Florin Dobre decided to create the free and fantasy part of the concept together with the Bucharest National Arts University (UNArte), Fashion Department’s, decorative Arts and Design Faculty students who manually created 21 unique design-patterns, based on individual themes as well as chosen by the designer. The authors are: Stoica Mihaela, Gătej Roxana, Carp Nicoleta, Simion Alexandra, Ciungan Andreea, Petrușcă Sandra, Stoica Crina, Basarabeanu Arina, Erdoș Maria, Dumitrașc Lorena, Cazacu Elena, Chelaru Ștefana, Chivu Franzisca, Ursu Aida, Damian Mihai, Ciuștea Ioana, Preoteasa Maria Luisa, under the supervision of Norbert Matei, Project Coordinator representing UNAarte Bucharest.

This time again the designer continues to promote Romanian fabrics and motifs within a partnership with Societatea Dorobantul SA, one of the oldest and most prestigious Textile Factories in Romania.

Through ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ Fashion Collection, Florin Dobre promotes authentic Romanian values as universal values in a time when stereotypes and prejudice have the tendency of overwhelming these ideals.

The show is completed by original video projections created by Urban Friends Republik and the music is signed by Vali Barbulescu.

An event presented by: Jägermeister.

For any other additional information and RSVP, please contact Florin Dobreby email:evenimente.stup@gmail.com

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The entire concept’s expressions is compositionally transposed though the clash of textures, colors and fabric.