Pentru fanii muzicii electronice: interviu cu Fatboy Slim!

Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) cunoscut publicului ca DJ şi producător de muzică electronică va oferi un show inedit pe 31 august, la Grand Cinema Digiplex. Mai multe lucruri despre noul său proiect puteţi să citiţi mai jos, într-un scurt interviu realizat în exclusivitate cu celebrul muzician.

Concert in Brighton, Big Beach Boutique 2012 will be brought to the big cinemas in Europe. Is the first project of this kind for you? What do you think will be the public reaction?

Fatboy Slim: Definitely a first for me and, I suspect, all of us. I predict a lot of people will get very drunk and dance in the aisles!

This concert is the biggest production of my career so far. The biggest LED screen ever built in europe, lazers, fire and the first ever rave in a football stadium.

How did you get to mix again in Brighton, in a football stadium?

Fatboy Slim: Because the football ground is out of the centre of the city, has all the facilities lacking on the beach (toilets, bars, transport links, security, weather protection) and the authorithies knew how much the people of Brighton wanted to celebrate our beautiful new football stadium.

What shows do you like more: those on the beach or those in the club?

Fatboy Slim: I love both! There is always a special abandon when people party on a beach but you can get more seriously into the music at a club. I just played at Bora Bora in Ibiza which had both. That is near perfection for me!

You have performed several times in Romania. How  was the public?

Fatboy Slim: Enthusiastic (drunk?) crowds, lot of excitement and special venues. I’ll keep coming back.

Where did your passion for electronic music come from?

Fatboy Slim: As a 15 year old punk rocker I heard the 12” mix of ‘I feel love’ by Donna Summer and thought to myself ‘that must be what being on drugs sounds like!.” The machines talk to you and push your pleasure buttons.

 Where does the name Fatboy Slim come?

Fatboy Slim: Thin air.

What is your favorite artist?

Fatboy Slim: Possibly The Clash, maybe The Chemical Brothers with Marvin Gaye somewhere in the loop.

How do you spend your spare time?

Fatboy Slim: I love cooking, football and playing with my family.

You are one of the greatest names in the industry, what advice would you give to young DJs that are trying to make it to the big time?

Fatboy Slim: Don’t get hung up on technology, play to the crowd.

When do you plan to come back to Romania?

Fatboy Slim: As soon as possible/invited.